PUMPED FED (Commercial & domestic)

Aboveground Rainwater Harvesting System. The package comprises of 4 main components. Ideal


The filter removes leaf litter and debris from the rainwater before diverting it to a tank. It also incorporates an inspection flap for easy access and maintenance and a backflow prevention feature to ensure foul water from the drain cannot enter the tank. Depending upon the system layout the filter can also act as the tank overflow. The filter is a high grade stainless mesh enclosed in a UV protected ABS plastic.


Tank modules can be connected together side by side to provide the storage capacity required. They are purpose made of food grade polyethylene for storage of rainwater to be used inside a property. The tank is of a heavy duty patented construction with added UV protection and is opaque to protect the quality of stored water.

Rainwater Pump

Several pump packages are available to match a range of duty requirements. For toilet flushing and micro irrigation we recommend a compact low noise unit that will refill a toilet cistern in less than a minute. The pump is pre set to self prime and supply water on demand. When the pressure in the pipe work reaches the required level the pump will switch off automatically.

Mains Top Up Valve

The valve is designed to supply mains water to the tank when there is insufficient rainwater. It incorporates a valve, tundish and float switch and will automatically activate when the water level is low and top up the tank with several litres of mains water. This maintains the utility but leaves the tank empty to receive rainwater.

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Our simple and affordable systems typically help save up to 50% of the water used in domestic and 85% in light commercial buildings by using harvested and recycled water to flush toilets, wash laundry, clean vehicles and irrigate gardens. This not only reduces consumption of precious mains water but also reduces your metered water costs and carbon footprint. Light Domestic Tanks used for Factories, Shops Schools etc.

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