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Gutter Hedgehog

GUTTER HEDGEHOG & HEDGEHOG DRAIN BRUSH At Collum & Gregg Ltd we supply and fit a variety of gutters, depending on the specific needs and tastes of the customer NOW in addition to this service we offer a cost effective solution to prevent the build-up of leaves and twigs in your gutters and drains from surrounding trees which cause blockages and unnecessary damage to your gutters and drains not to mention the hours lost removing the blockage and buildup of leaves in your gutters each year. But now with the gutter Hedgehog and drain brush your problems are solved Colour’s available are Black, Brown or White. Collum & Gregg believe the Gutter Hedgehog product is superior to any other in the marketplace to keep you rain water goods free from blockages. Therefore don’t hesitate to contact us of a quotation to Clean your existing gutters and Supply & Fit the Gutter Hedgehog.


The leaves just blow of the Hedgehog, allowing any rainfall to flow through your gutters freely and easily. Any leaves or twigs that may become trapped in the Hedgehog filaments will eventually break down into tiny particles and wash through your gutters giving you peace of mind for years and years.


  • Solves blocked gutter and drain problems immediately
  • No more overflowing gutters and drains
  • Avoids ladder climbing for maintenance
  • Fits New & Traditional iron and asbestos gutters
  • Avoids the need to call in costly professionals to unblock gutters and drains
  • Does the job it was designed to do perfectly!

The is Manufactured from polypropylene brush filaments cleverly spun around a stainless steel wire spine it is virtually indestructible and comes with a ten year product guarantee.


If you have ACO garden or walkway drains such as or similar to the ones in the pictures, the Hedgehog brush can solve your blocked drain problems instantly and permanently. Eliminate constant problems with water overflowing onto your paths and freezing, creating dangerous and hazardous surfaces. The amazing Hedgehog brush creates a barrier below the surface of the drain cover to dramatically reduce the ingress of particles such as dry broken leaves, sticks, twigs and other plant debris that can cause major problems.



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