The benefits of blown cavity insulation are as follows:

Existing Buildings
    1. Most homes built prior to 1980 do not have cavity wall insulation
    2. Heat loss can be reduced by up to 35%
    3. Eliminate the source of condensation.
    4. Improve home comforts
    5. Quick and clean to install
    6. Installed in less than a day

New Buildings
    1. No on site storage of bulky insulation material
    2. Quick and clean to install - meaning a faster building programme
    3. Large savings on labour costs (the block layer may charge less)
    4. No wastage on site
    5. No fear of it being damaged or blown away during construction
    6. Blown cavity wall insulation is installed in less than a day, prior to plastering

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I benefit from having my attic insulated?

Having attic insulation installed is a particularly effective way of cutting heating bills - as around 35% of heat can be lost through an attic without insulation. Insulating your home is a quick and easy project that can owe on energy bills and add greatly to the comfort of your home.

Do you install cavity wall insulation?

Yes all standard traditional method of can be retrofitted with insulation (traditional build cavity walls with a two leaf Blockwork 100mm each wall and 100mm cavity. House built using the 215mm hollow block cannot be insulated unless they are dry lined using insulated plasterboard. In other parts of the country the more traditional method of building is used and these can be retrofitted with insulation.

How long does it take to insulate an attic?

The attic must be cleared of all household materials, and then the insulation takes approximately 3 hours for a standard 3 or 4 bed house.

Do I need to remove old insulation from my attic before the new insulation is installed?

There is no need to remove old insulation can be laid directly on top of the old.

The Collum & Gregg Product list:

Cavity Wall and Attic Insulation

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